TGIFF! Thank Goodness it’s FROG FRIDAY – a toad of many names is featured today – the Common African Toad (Amietophrynus regularis), also known as the Square-marked Toad, African Toad, Egyptian Toad, and Reuss’s Toad.

This toad is widespread in savanna regions south of the Sahara. According to Hulselmans (1970), these toads are found in a region stretching from Senegal through West Africa to Central Africa and through North Africa to Egypt as well as all the way south to Angola, Rwanda, and possibly Malawi!

This photo was submitted to FrogMAP by Rob Dickinson. He photographed this beautiful toad in Uganda. You can view the record here. Help us to map the wonderful frogs and toads of Africa by submitting your photos to FrogMAP.

Frog Fridays celebrate the amazing diversity of frogs and toads in the southern African region. Click here to learn more about Frog Friday and the Animal Demography Unit.