TGIFF!! Thank goodness it’s FROG FRIDAY!! Not much is known about the Beira Pygmy Toad (Poyntonophrynus beiranus) and more fieldwork is required to identify its preferred habitat, but it has been found in grassy areas that flood during the rains. It occurs throughout Mozambique, Malawi and Zambia. The Beira Pygmy Toad’s breeding is unknown, though it is likely to take place in temporary pools.

The Beira Pygmy Toad is, so far, known from two apparently isolated areas: the coastal plain of central Mozambique in the flood plain of the Pungwe River, north to Thuchila in southern Malawi; and floodplains in the Zambezi catchment area in central and south-western Zambia. Because its call is not known, it is under-recorded, and probably occurs more widely, in particular between these two areas. It occurs from sea level up to at least 1000 m above sea level.

If you have seen this awesome little toad please do photograph it and submit your photos to FrogMAP so that we can properly map this toad’s distribution!

Reference: Channing, A. 2001. Amphibians of Central and Southern Africa. Cornell University Press, Ithaca and London.

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