FROG FRIDAY is here!!! Featuring the Common/Angola River Frog (Amietia angolensis) – this beautiful frog belongs to the family Pyxicephalidae and it is a widespread species found in forest, grassland, savanna and agricultural areas near permanent water. The Angola River Frog has long hind legs and a fair amount of webbing between the toes and is well adapted to jumping and swimming.

The photo shown here was submitted to FrogMAP by Vaughan Jessnitz. He photographed it in Manyeleti Game Reserve in Mpumalanga province. But for such a widespread species (distributed from Ethiopia, south through East Africa to southern Africa and westward to Angola) we only have 104 photo records in the FrogMAP database!! You can help! By submitting your frog photos to FrogMAP.

FrogMAP is the continuation of the Southern African Frog Atlas Project (SAFAP). It aims to build on the distribution data collected during seven years of fieldwork (1996-2003), plus earlier data compiled from museum records, private collections, the literature and conservation agencies. We now need 21st century distribution data! We cannot conserve species properly if we do not know where they occur. You can help us by becoming a FrogMAPper!

Frog Fridays celebrate the amazing diversity of frogs and toads in the southern African region. Click here to learn more about Frog Friday and the Animal Demography Unit.