In 2016, ASA Partner AmphibiaWeb recorded 107 new species, the fewest since they began keeping count in 2004. There were several revalidated taxa, raised from synonymy or uncertainty, giving a current total of 7,614 recognized amphibian species. The new taxa are from 20 families and 24 countries, so discoveries continue to be widespread and diverse. No new caecilians were described, but 11 salamanders (2 families) are new including the beautiful Aura’s Golden Salamander (Bolitoglossa aurae). The greatest number of new species are in the Strabomantidae (22) and Microhylidae (17). Brazil (14) had the largest number of new species, followed by Papua New Guinea (13), India (11), and Ecuador (10). 10 were from Mesoamerica but none from the United States. Only 2 were reported from Africa, 2 from Madagascar, 2 from Australia and none from Europe. East Asia plus South Asia accounted for 31.

Photo © Brian Kubicki

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