Green Explore Society, a student based organization where we are working for the Conservation of Nature and Environment and to build up Public Awareness for Nature and Environment Conservation.  It is an organization based on the students of Shahjalal University of Science and Technology. Each year Green Explore Society publishes an e-newsletter “Rhythm of Nature”. And on that e-newsletter we publish Scientific ​features like ​articles, photo features and any kind of scientific publication which is never been published on any other publication platforms before. And this year we are going to publish our second e-newsletter “Rhythm of Nature Issue-2”

So, for the publication of our e-newsletter, we are calling for scientific articles/features or photo features which should be Nature and Environment related.

Requirements & Guidelines:

  1. Any Scientific features like articles / story / informatics etc. can be submitted but it should be Nature and Environment related.
  2. Nature related Photo Features (Photographs) can be submitted. These photographs may represent a natural feature or environmental condition like a flora / fauna / natural beauty / environmental pollution / effects of environmental pollution etc.
  3. The articles should remain within 500 words and the photographs for photo feature contain no more than 6 HD photographs.
  4. We would appreciate it if the articles contain maximum 3 photos. And all photos should be in high resolution.
  5. With a photo feature, short description of the photographs or a short description about the natural feature or environmental condition which is represented by the photographs should be provided.

Submission Deadline: 20th June, 2014

Submit to: