Wow! Thanks to so many incredible people, we have now raised over $2,600 so far to save the Quito rocket frog! Thank you!

But we still need to raise more money to make this rescue happen. The volcano is still a ticking time bomb. These frogs are still in harm’s way. And with only 6 days left for our Indiegogo campaign, time is running out fast.

So, as part of this effort to save the Quito rocket frog from extinction, we need your help to keep this phenomenal momentum going by sharing this campaign as often as possible.

Here’s where things get really exciting though. By referring other contributors to our campaign between now and January 2, you have a chance to win a really great prize from the team on the ground in Ecuador at Balsa de los Sapos!

The person that sends the most additional contributors to this campaign will win a series of 4 high quality photographs of some of the other species currently being cared for at Balsa de los Sapos!


This series of photographs will include the following species Hyloxalus nexipus (left) and Agalychnis hulli (right), in addition to Hyloscirtus tapichalaca and Oophaga sylvatica. Included with these will be a special, personalized thank you from the team as well.

And because we want to make sure that your efforts are recognized when you participate, here’s what you need to do to make your actions count:

1.  Simply log in to Indiegogo if you have not done so already, or create a new account.

2.  Then, visit our Saving the Quito Rocket Frog campaign page and look beside the main Quito rocket frog image to share and copy your unique URL.

3.  Copy your unique URL link to post around the Internet and save it for later by clicking the link icon.

Remember, for you to count as a referrer, you must promote the campaign using Indiegogo’s share tools while logged into your Indiegogo account. This is important because otherwise, your unique ID won’t be attached to any resulting contributions or visits and we won’t be able to track (or reward!) your efforts.

Want to see the difference you are making first-hand by sharing? You can track your results by:

1.  Logging into your Indiegogo account.

2.  Clicking on your user name beside the search box at the top right of the page.

3.  Selecting the “My Profile” option.

4.  Clicking on the tab that says “Referrals” for the latest totals of referrals and contributions.

Time is running out for for the Quito rocket frog so let’s all hop to it! We have less than one week to make this happen!

Ready … set … share! 

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