HAPPY FROG FRIDAY!!! Today we feature the reed frog family. The Hyperoliidae family is restricted to sub-Saharan Africa and contains many species of small, brightly coloured frogs. They are commonly associated with reeds and other vegetation in and around water. There is still a great deal of taxonomic confusion surrounding many of these species and they are often categorized into a bewildering array of groups, complexes and superspecies.

All species in the family are arboreal and have prominent digital disks with the exception of the running frogs, Kassina maculata and Kassina senegalensis.

All the frogs shown here in this photo are from the FrogMAP database – top left to right: Arum Lily Reed Frog (submitted by J. Crocombe), Painted Reed Frog (submitted by G. Diedericks), Argus Reed Frog (submitted by G. Diedericks) and bottom left to right: Delicate Leaf-folding Frog (submitted by Nick Evans), Yellow-striped Reed Frog (submitted by M. Hemming), and Water Lily Frog (submitted by Nick Evans).

Reference: Minter, L.R., Burger, M., Harrison, J.A., Braack, H.H., Bishop, P.J. and Knoepfer, D. 2004. Atlas and Red Data Book of the Frogs of South Africa, Lesotho and Swaziland. SI/MAB Series No. 9, Washington, D.C.

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