I arrived safe and sound in Madagascar after the long 30 plus hours of travel. Some fellow researchers, Karina and Richard Kloniski, arrived in Mada on the same flight so we tackled the baggage claim and customs together, and piled ourselves and our 10 bags into the taxi. I was quite amazed that we fit in, gear and all ( I think the taxi driver was too). The taxi brought us safely to our hotel in Tana, and we settled into our rooms exhausted from our travels.

Our next day was spent hopping from place to place around Tana in taxis gathering needed materials for field work, like bleach, bags, buckets, picking up permits and working out logistics for our trip. It was a long but successful day.

Tomorrow morning we head to our first site — Antoetra — to look for Mantella cowani as well as other species. This species is very rare and critically endangered and thus will need protection if and when Bd arrives in Madagascar. I can’t wait to be with the frogs and work to collect potential probiotics necessary for their survival!

Working to save the frogs,