This project targets two unprotected Important Biodiversity Areas: Yala Swamp 0 05N, 34 11’ E in, Siaya District, an area of 8000 ha on altitude of 1,160 m: and Dunga Swamp 01 10’S, 34 47’E in Kisumu District an area of 500 ha at altitude of 1,130. The two areas host numerous amphibian species, and have diverse functions values and benefits to the local communities require urgent conservation and management measures. Our proposed project addresses the need to protect and conserve African reed frog (Hyperolius viridiflavis and Africa clawed frog Xenopus laevis that exists in them. These species are listed as endangered in the IUCN data list. Unfortunately, their habitats are under serious anthropogenic threats, which provide the need for serious concerted efforts of conservation measures from different stakeholder groups. The proposed project is to formulate species management and conservation strategies through; i) promoting awareness and education of amphibian abundance, their needs and their importance in ecosystem balance. ii) Build capacity of local communities and other stakeholders in identification and management of natural resource. iii) Provide information about the occurrence and habitat use of resident species and enhance their survival. iv) Increase an organization strength and knowledge of the two community sites by establishing site support groups. v) Promote monitoring and evaluation activities to support paths to obtaining comprehensive indicators that bring change to amphibian conservation.

By Allai Orimba