Partners in Amphibian and Reptile Conservation (PARC), is celebrating 2014 as the Year of the Salamander to energize salamander education, research, and conservation. This is a worldwide effort, leveraged through the actions of numerous partner organizations and individuals – from the general public to professional wildlife conservation. Please check out our Year of the Salamander website at!

As the Year of the Salamander unfolds, PARC and its collaborators will be working to raise awareness about:

  1. the importance of salamanders in natural systems and to humankind;
  2. diverse ongoing research pathways aimed at better understanding salamanders, their role in ecosystems, and threats to their existence;
  3. actions being implemented around the world to conserve salamander populations and their habitats; and
  4. education and outreach efforts through a kaleidoscope of individual and group involvement.

At our website, you can view or download the State of the Salamander document, the January newsletter and the January downloadable salamander calendar, which features the winning monthly photo contest image of a beautiful Long-tailed Salamander by Andrew Burmester! A page dedicated to Year of the Salamander outreach and education activities and links to other resources will be added soon. We’ll continue to have newsletters and downloadable monthly calendars each month in 2014, so be sure to check back. Sign up to receive the monthly newsletter by mail by contacting us at at

Become a Year of the Salamander partner! If you or your organization are implementing salamander conservation efforts or just plain love salamanders and want to help spread the word, we want to hear about it at! Check out our Partners Page – we’ll be adding more throughout the year!

Don’t forget to get your Year of the Salamander 2014 gear at the PARCStore. The merchandise features the Year of the Salamander winning logo (designed by Sheri Sanders)and a 2014 print wall calendar (chock full of amazing photos).

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Thanks, and be sure to spread the word!