Endangered Frogs Colouring BookFrogs first appeared on earth about 390 million years ago. From Lake Titicaca in the Andes Mountains of South America to the tree mini-pools of São Tomé off the west coast of Africa, frogs all over the world are under threat of extinction. A new way to help them is to enjoy Jay Manchand’s ‘Endangered Frogs Colouring Book‘ which shares 1/3 of its profits with ‘Save The Frogs!’ As you colour you will discover interesting facts about these beautiful and fascinating animals. You will also learn what factors are contributing to the decline of our most endangered amphibian species and what you can do to help them. Our endangered animal colouring books are created by artists and meant to be enjoyed by all ages of colourers.

MFF_logo_planeYou can get your copy today by visiting: http://tinyurl.com/frogsbook

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