As a young child, I have always been fascinated with the rainforest and wild animals. As a composer and a former kindergarten music teacher I have always wanted to use music and lyrics to bring meaningful stories to life. I want to share my passion and love for the nature with the world and especially young children. What better way to entertain and teach children about the nature from facts about ecosystems to concepts of conservation through the power of music ?!

After 14 months of painstaking work, patience and a little bumps here and there, the “Kakamega Rainforest Musical App’ eBOOK is finally available on iOS App Store.


The Kakamega Rainforest Story is a 90 minute FREE ebook about 3 kids on a mission to save the rainforest. Orphaned twin KAKA and YANO belong to the Kakamega tribe in Africa where they live, sing, and dance in harmony with their rainforest surroundings. Their peaceful way of life is being threatened by the logging/deforestation operations of Mr. Adam’s corporation.

Kaka, a bright, optimistic girl, determined to stop the rainforest destruction, and her skeptical, protective brother Yano, encounter HENRY, Mr. Adam’s terminally ill son who has fled the hospital and run away into the rainforest. When Kaka reveals that she and Yano have taken the initiative to stop the deforestation, Henry, fearing to lose their friendship, does not reveal his identity. He does, however, explain to them that he overheard his doctor, DR. BAILEY, telling his parents about a miracle cure, the Magielewe Flower, that exists somewhere deep in the African rainforest.

The Kakamega Rainforest story touches on fundamental concepts of friendship, courage, faith, love and nature conversation. One of the main characters, “Toto” – the red eyed frog – is probably the most fun and courageous companion of the trio. In the Kakamega story, Toto’s closest friend is a Howler Monkey named Iko. They behave like evil twins from time to time but love each other to death as well. Toto joins the 3 children on a quest through the forest to seek out the Magielewe Flower.

Kakamega itunes 3

While Toto only has a tiny body, he lives and talks with a big voice and heart. Similar to other red eyed frogs around the world, Toto may slightly alter his skin color depending on mood or environment. He has three eyelids and sticky pads on his toes. Toto is also a great jumper and a rapper. Toto raps about his love for his friends who live in the rainforest; he also raps about the importance of herbal plants that are the main source of medicinal remedies for humans. In the Kakamega Rainforest story, Toto is always positive-thinking and fearless. His tiny body changes color to scare off predators and enemies of his friends. When his best friend Iko is in danger, Toto has no hesitation to come to his rescue.


In reality, the rainforest is slowly on its way to non existence. Red Eyed frogs will have no where to go if the rainforest is completely destroyed. Action must be taken and it starts with education. As a composer and rainforest lover, I am hopeful that by educating the young generation about the importance of rainforest, we could at least slow down the process and let the forest recoupe eventually. Every little step counts.

Toto Rap – in Kakamega Rainforest Musical App

“This forest belongs to you and me
The sound of the beauty of plants and the trees
Exotic, mysterious and wonderful creatures
Exploring the forest for all of it’s features

Come and join us under green canopy
Insects and birds, the cobra, the bees
A wonderland home, a menagerie
Safe in the shade of our sanctuary

Harpy Eagles are powerful and strong
Red eyed frogs climb all day long
Chimpanzees in the shade of the trees, cuz
life is a breeze, come check it and see

Howler monkeys roar like a canon
Swing through the branches with reckless abandon
Imagine – the jungle as all of our home
Reciprocate the love and you’ll never be alone

Forest is a special place
Show compassion and love to save the human race
the spark of all life, she breathes for us all
we’re all at the mercy of nature’s call

Before you cut another tree and plant
Think of the elephant, tiger, the ant
Think about the oxygen we need to live
And open your heart to the forest and give”

By Shirley Choi