The mission of Amphibian Survival Alliance partner Digitilian is to promote reptiles and amphibians in a positive way through education. Then, when and where possible give what they can to herpetology related charities and conservation organizations. We sat down with Rebecca, the editor of Digitilian to discuss how they’re making a difference for amphibians around the world and how you can too.

Why did you join the Alliance and what are you doing to help protect amphibians?

We joined the Alliance because being that we’re a Herpetology Magazine, we have a huge interest and love for amphibians, they are a very important part of our ecosystem and are, like all animals, beautiful and deserving of a safe environment and we would like to do our part by working as hard as we can to help protect them. With a free online monthly magazine which has an ever growing audience we will be facilitating our every resource including exciting, interactive and innovative magazine feature as well as website and social media content to promote, educate and raise funding for the Alliance and for the conservation of all amphibians around the world.

What do you think are some of the most promising developments in the fight to prevent further amphibian population declines?

Every step that is made to prevent Amphibian population decline, is a step in the right direction. Some of the most promising developments include the hard work of field experts who are tracking and learning about new species whilst also gathering data regarding amphibian declines along with information on natural history, taxonomy and disease. In turn this facilitates scientific research working towards the cure and prevention of diseases. Another great development is the work the Alliance is doing to build relationships and grow partnerships to help implement conservation and the importance of amphibians to many different people and organisations across the world.

What can the average person, as well as the private sector, do in order to tangibly and actively participate in amphibian conservation?

There are many things everyone can do to participate in Amphibian conservation; The most direct way, if possible, would be to donate to the Alliance and their priority funding projects. Energy companies could start providing renewable fuels, schools can run projects that not only educate and excite the next generation but directly conserve amphibians native to their area, this could include building a pond to encourage the reproduction and boost the local population. Other ways include – the average person buying everyday shopping items from those who provide products that help environmental, social and economic sustainability. People can also conserve resources such as turning off lights and taps when not in use, re- use shopping bags, walk instead of drive, use biodegradable products and materials etc as well as reduce consumption and then re – use and recycle whenever possible. By making these changes everyone can helps massively because many everyday products come from forests and this means they contribute to the destruction, deforestation and pollution of amphibian environments. The list goes on so it’s important that everyone does their part to promote and educate where ever they can.

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