Madagascar is an amazing, globally important place, well known around the world for its unique flora and fauna, being a draw for naturalists, wildlife enthusiasts and conservationists.

The frogs of Madagascar are no less unique than the countries more famous furry residents and are as much under threat. Durrell has been working in Madagascar for over 25 years conserving some of its lesser known endangered species and is now beginning to do the same for its frogs as part of our SAFE programme.

ACSAM2 is an extremely important opportunity for global conservationists and herpetologists to come together with their Malagasy counterparts to develop the key conservation actions required over the forthcoming years to protect Madagascar’s unique frogs.

This requires a global effort and Durrell is proud to support and be part of ACSAM2 and would invite your support as well.

Jeff Dawson
Amphibian Programme Officer, Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust and ACSAM2 Organizing Committee

Photo: Boophis bottae © Jeff Dawson