#AmphibianHero: The Herpetological Society of Ireland

The mission of The Herpetological Society of Ireland is to advance, and promote, awareness and understanding of herpetofauna, the conservation of native & exotic herpetofauna, and herpetoculture through education, learning and research. [vc_row][vc_column width="2/3"][text_output]Collie Ennis is an associate of research at Trinity College Dublin and a Science Officer for The Herpetological Society of Ireland (HSI) and [...]

ASA and BHS partnering to fund the future of amphibian conservation, research and education through seed grants

Have you ever considered supporting a Seed Grant to support amphibian conservation efforts? The British Herpetological Society (BHS) has. To help global amphibian conservation efforts around the world they have teamed up with the ASA to leverage funds and support an increasing number of projects around the world. [vc_row][vc_column width="2/3"][text_output] We all know that funding [...]

ANIMA MUNDI – Adventures in Wildlife Photography, Issue 18

We are chiming in to let you know that Issue 18, March 2015, of our free online magazine ANIMA MUNDI - Adventures in Wildlife Photography is now out and ready for downloading (or simple online browsing, if you prefer) at http://www.animamundimag.com/ Contents of our latest issue include a rare encounter with the gorgeous Himalayan Monal, possibly the world’s most [...]

#AmphibianHero: Global Wildlife Conservation

Global Wildlife Conservation (GWC) has built its success upon a foundation of excellence in Exploration, Research and Conservation. GWC envisions a world with diverse and abundant wildlife, a truly Wild World. They are dedicated to ensuring that the species on the verge of extinction aren’t lost but prosper well into the future. Wes Sechrest—GWC's Chief Scientist and CEO—sat down with [...]

The Durrell Index – ensuring there’s no ‘con’ in zoo conservation

Most modern zoos claim to play a crucial role in conservation, yet very few are able to measure or report the difference they make to threatened species. This week, world-renowned conservation charity and Amphibian Survival Alliance Partner Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust launched a series of pioneering online performance indicators, known as the ‘Durrell Index’, designed [...]

Career opportunity with ASA Partner Amphibian and Reptile Conservancy

Gray tree frog (Hyla versicolor) © Chris Hill Amphibian Survival Alliance Partner Amphibian and Reptile Conservancy is now hiring! ADMINISTRATIVE ASSOCIATE: PERMANENT PART-TIME POSITION DUTIES The Administrative Associate will work closely with the Executive Director and the Financial Officer to execute regulatory compliance filings and similar legal/bureaucratic duties as needed. The Administrative Associate will: Complete and [...]

Giving amphibians in the wild extra time

Habitat degradation is one of the main problems in contemporary nature conservation. Even sites inhabited by Endangered species are completely destroyed by human activities (construction, mining etc.), invasion of alien species (mink, stone moroko) or by outbreaks of diseases (chytridiomycosis, crayfish plague). In such cases, collection of the animals and their temporary keeping in captivity [...]

#AmphibianHero: Madagascar Fauna and Flora Group

Amphibians the world over are facing probably the world’s most serious extinction crisis. What are your thoughts on the future prospects for amphibian conservation and preventing further extinctions? There seems to be an incredible will amongst amphibian conservationists to work together and share their experience. It is this willingness to collaborate that gives hope for [...]