FrogLog 106

View FrogLog 106 below or through the Issuu reader. Download a low resolution version of FrogLog here or the full version from our Issuu page here. Amphibian conservation is about more than just avoiding extinction or talking about what is going wrong—it is about motivating others. It is about shining the spotlight on projects that are working and thereby providing a model to copy and implement elsewhere. This edition of FrogLog is about these amphibian conservation success stories. These stories range from protecting, restoring or creating habitats to captive breeding and releases, as well as the implementation of conservation education and awareness programs. […]

FrogLog 105

View FrogLog 105 through the Issuu reader or download the PDF here. You can also download a high resolution PDF here (30MB). Welcome to the first feature edition of FrogLog. With this issue, we wanted to highlight some of the amazing ways in which people are helping to spread the word about amphibian conservation and show what they are doing to assist with conservation efforts on the ground. The success stories and the whole feel-good factor need greater exposure in the media. It’s about giving the frogs and newts a leading role. It’s about giving the people behind the conservation success stories center stage as well. Because there are a lot of success stories—we’re just not hearing about them. And this is exactly what this edition is about. […]

FrogLog 104

View FrogLog 104 through the Issuu reader or download the PDF here. Welcome to the first quarterly edition of FrogLog. As ever, this edition is packed full of news from the ASG and broad community concerned with amphibian conservation. Highlights from this edition include the announcement of a new partnership between the ASG and the International Society for the Study and Conservation of the Amphibians, updates from the Amphibian Survival Alliance, including a summary of events from this year’s Herp Congress and the IUCN World Congress. […]

FrogLog 103

View FrogLog 103 through the Issuu reader or download the PDF here. It has been an exciting couple of months for the ASG since the last edition of FrogLog. We have been communicating extensively with our Regional Groups to identify Chairs that will act as ASG focal points for the next quadrennium (four year working period for the IUCN). Almost all groups now have Chairs in place and discussions have begun to identify priorities for each group. […]

FrogLog 102

View FrogLog 102 through the Issuu reader or download the PDF here. FrogLog has undergone something of a metamorphosis in the past year or so with thanks to the vision of James Lewis and input of the ASG community. A year ago, almost to the day, we launched the first “Regional Focus” edition to shine the spotlight on the impressive array of work being done in different regions, both in understanding and combating amphibian declines. The response to this new format was inspiring, as are the stories of success from around the world. […]

FrogLog 101

View FrogLog 101 through the Issuu reader or download the PDF here. FrogLog issue 101 is the last in the first series of Regional Focus editions. In May 2011 we relaunched FrogLog in the new regional format. Our goal was to provide regional ASG groups and herpetological community members with an opportunity to showcase their activities. The community has warmly welcomed the new format and we look forward to continuing it into the future. This edition focuses on Europe, North Africa, and West Asia, a diverse region covered by two ASG regional groups. […]

FrogLog 100

View FrogLog 100 through the Issuu reader or download the PDF here. Welcome to the 100th edition of FrogLog. A little over 20 years ago the first edition of FrogLog was published by the Declining Amphibian Populations Task Force (DAPTF). A free publication, FrogLog provided a summary of field studies, announcements, grant support, and recent publications. In August 2006 the 76th edition of FrogLog was published by the newly formed IUCN SSC Amphibian Specialist Group. Since then we have tried to build on the great work undertaken by the DAPTF and have continued to develop FrogLog to meet the needs of our members and the wider community interested in amphibian conservation and research. […]

FrogLog 99

View FrogLog 99 through the Issuu reader below or download the PDF here. I am delighted to be invited to write the editorial for this Maritime Southeast Asia and Oceania edition of FrogLog. The new format of FrogLog has stimulated a renewed interest in amphibian conservation and vote of thanks is due to James Lewis (ASG Program Coordinator) for producing such a professional and informative ‘Newsletter’. […]

FrogLog 98

View FrogLog 98 through the Issuu reader or download the PDF here. I would like to begin this edition by thanking all those people that have been involved in making the new FrogLog format such a great success.  Over the last two months FrogLog 97 has received our highest number of online readers yet, with almost 8000 people accessing the Issuu version alone and of course many copies being downloaded from our web site.  With your help we look forward to continuing to develop FrogLog into a publication that is both informative and enjoyable to read. […]

FrogLog 97

View FrogLog 97 through the Issuu reader or download the pdf here. […]