Frog rescue premier at wildlife conservation film festival-NYC

In a world where wildlife is under assault, conservation stories have become increasingly bleak. The frog rescue team of the Honduras Amphibian Recue and Conservation Center (HARCC) is diligently working to change that pattern. Teaming up with British filmmaker Katie Garrett, they recently started producing short films about amphibian conservation incorporating a delicate balance of science, beautiful imagery, [...]

A documentary to save Poison Dart Frogs and their rainforests

Poison Dart Frogs (Dendobatidae) are probably the most toxic animals alive and so they show to us by displaying a bright rainbow of colors on their skin. The poison is called batrachotoxin and causes paralysis or death when it enters the bloodstream, even in minuscule amounts. They are all small: the largest are no more [...]

Biology Without Borders: The Photography of Twan Leenders

Like Roger Tory Peterson, Roger Tory Peterson Institute of Natural History (an Amphibian Survival Alliance partner) president Twan Leenders engages in international research and educational initiatives to increase awareness and understanding of the natural connections between species, habitats and people - connections that often transcend geographic and political boundaries. RTPI supports programs that study critical wintering habitats [...]

Goodbye Mr Toad? Scientists chart a worrying drop in numbers of the UK’s most lovable amphibian

A new study led by Froglife, the UK’s foremost amphibian and reptile conservation charity, together with experts from Switzerland has shown how the efforts of ordinary members of the public are identifying big declines in our native amphibians. Every year thousands of volunteers in the UK, working as part of Froglife’s ‘Toads on Roads’ patrols, [...]

Position available: Curator of Amphibians, Detroit Zoo

Reports to: Chief Life Sciences Officer Department: Amphibians Position Type: Full-time FLSA Status: Exempt Role The Curator of Amphibians develops, maintains and oversees conservation, animal care, animal welfare and research programs at the National Amphibian Conservation Center. The Curator of Amphibians will support, both publicly and privately, the principles of the Detroit Zoological Society, maintain a professional manner [...]

RESULTS: Amphibian Proposals for CITES Conference of the Parties (COP17)

As part of joint amphibian trade workshops conducted in March 2015 in Washington DC and Singapore, several amphibian species were identified as needing attention in terms of regulation of international trade. These workshops, organized by the Amphibian Survival Alliance (ASA), Defenders of Wildlife, Animal Welfare Institute and Singapore Zoo, were the first stepping stone in [...]

Saving Amphibians From Extinction: The Durrell Lecture 2016

Amphibians are the most threatened and overlooked vertebrate group in the world with over 40% of all known species believed to be threatened with extinction. They are vital to planet Earth – pivotal members of their natural communities, both as predators and prey, and hugely important in maintaining healthy forests and wetlands. A rescue operation, [...]

Webinar: Conservation and Management of Amphibians and Reptiles for U.S. National Parks in the Southeast

You are invited to join the Conservation and Management of Amphibians and Reptiles for U.S. National Parks in the Southeast, a webinar sponsored by the Wildlife Conservation Branch in the Biological Resources Division of the National Park Service (NPS). Date: Thursday, October 20, 2016 Duration: 1.5 hours Start time: 9 am PT, 10 am MT, 11 am CT, 12 [...]

Postdoctoral position: Amphibian disease ecology or aquatic-terrestrial linkages

A postdoctoral position in amphibian disease ecology or aquatic-terrestrial linkages is available in the Piovia-Scott Lab at Washington State University, Vancouver. The postdoc will participate in ongoing projects focused on the ecology of chytridiomycosis (the disease caused by amphibian chytrid fungi), conservation of threatened amphibians, and the ecological consequences of resource flows across the aquatic-terrestrial [...]

Work underway on West Africa’s first amphibian conservation education center

Amphibian Survival Alliance Partner SAVE THE FROGS! Ghana has secured a dilapidated building and work is underway for the construction of West Africa’s first amphibian conservation education center. It is in the home region of Ghana's flagship Giant Squeaker Frog, Sui, thus, dubbed the ‘Sui Amphibian Conservation Education Centre – SACEC.’ Funded from our Whitley Fund [...]