Foundation for the Conservation of Salamanders grants available

The Foundation for the Conservation of Salamanders is seeking proposals for its 2017 grant cycle. This year, we are offering two grants. The Daniel M. DiGigiacomo grant is being offered in the amount of $5,000. This grant may be used to fund salamander research, education and conservation initiatives in the United States or internationally. Additionally, [...]

FOUND: Remarkable Salamander Rediscovery Heralds Early Success for Worldwide Quest to Find and Protect Lost Species

 Jackson’s Climbing Salamander Rediscovered in Guatemala 42 Years After Last Sighting The Search for Lost Species initiative is today celebrating the incredible and unexpected rediscovery of the first of its top 25 “most wanted” lost species, the Jackson’s Climbing Salamander (Bolitoglossa jacksoni), lost to science since its discovery in 1975. The rediscovery comes months before [...]

Hot off the press: Your copy of FrogLog 119 is waiting for you

Download a low resolution version of FrogLog here or the high resolution version here. TABLE OF CONTENTS 3 – Editorial NEWS FROM THE ASA & ASG 4 – Carrying on the Legacy of Amphibian Conservation Pioneer George Rabb 5 – George Rabb: Founder and “Spiritual” Leader of the Amphibian Conservation Movement 8 – ASG at the 2017 Latin American Congress of [...]

New Study Reveals Deadly Pathogen Not Present in Pet Salamanders in the United States

A recent rule put in place in 2016 restricting the international import of 201 salamander species into the United States aimed to prevent the newly discovered deadly salamander fungal disease, Batrachochytrium salamandrivorans (Bsal), from entering the country. In a new study published Oct. 13 in Scientific Reports based on help from the Amphibian Survival Alliance [...]

Open nomination period for Alison Haskell Award for Excellence in Herpetofaunal Conservation: Nominations due Oct 27

It's that time of year to honor a colleague who goes above and beyond to conserve amphibians and reptiles! Award Name: Alison Haskell Award for Excellence in Herpetofaunal Conservation Prize: Engraved, commemorative plaque and $1,000 Deadline: Friday, October 27, 2017 To Submit a Nomination: Use this Google docs form. It details the criteria by which [...]

Save The Date: Salamander Saturday, 5 May 2018

Salamander Saturday is an initiative started by Foundation for the Conservation of Salamanders (FCSal) to raise awareness about salamanders, their habitats and their role in the ecosystem. We are encouraging organizations around the world to hold an event on this day and to share their events with FCSal through social media, thereby promoting global unity [...]

Deadly salamander fungus now found on frogs in the pet trade

Photo:  The Oriental fire-bellied toad (Bombina orientalis) © Laurent Lebois The recently discovered pathogen Batrachochytrium salamandrivorans (Bsal)  has decimated fire salamander populations in Europe and has been shown in laboratory trials to lethally affect salamanders found in North America, such as species of newts in the eastern and western sections of North America. An article published [...]

Call for proposals: Amphibian Ark Seed Grants

Amphibian Ark is pleased to announce a call for proposals for a second round of Seed Grants in 2017. This competitive $5,000 grant is intended to fund start-up ex situ rescue projects for amphibian species that cannot currently be saved in the wild. Successful proposals will reflect AArk values; please pay careful attention to the [...]

Apply now for the Award for Conservation Excellence (ACE)

Wildlife artist John Banovich and outdoor equipment retailers Cabelas/Bass Pro have created a new Award for Conservation Excellence "to recognize the extraordinary contributions made by the world’s leading conservationists and to become the most significant award in the conservation arena." It will be awarded for the first time in Feb. 2018, with a first [...]

Andean Toad thought to be extinct, rediscovered in the Andes of Ecuador

Ecuadorian and British scientists have rediscovered one of the rarest amphibians of Ecuador, thought to have gone extinct more than three decades ago, the Carchi Andean Toad (Rhaebo colomai). The Carchi Andean Toad inhabits a small region in the border area between Ecuador and Colombia. The last time a specimen was observed in Ecuador was [...]