Bsal Rapid Response Plan Now Available

The Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies (AFWA) is pleased to announce a new Bsal Rapid Response Plan developed to address the emerging threat posed by the amphibian fungal pathogen Batrachochytrium salamandrivorans or Bsal.  Although this lethal pathogen has not yet been detected in North America, experts believe that the chance of a future outbreak is [...]

18th meeting of the African Amphibian Working Group

George, South Africa, 7–8 October 2019 The next meeting of the AAWG will be held in the town of George, in the Western Cape Province, South Africa. All those working on African Amphibians are invited to attend. All delegates will be expected to present their work. Costs will be kept to a minimum. Provisional costs [...]

New Children’s Books by Amphibian Ark

The Unite for Literacy team works with its partners to develop a wide range of free, online children’s books, narrated in multiple languages, to celebrate language, culture and a love of reading. These short books feature wonderful images, and short pieces of text on each page, and along with the narration, help children and their [...]

Business in Key Biodiversity Areas: Minimizing the Risk to Nature

New Roadmap Provides Guidelines for Businesses Operating in Biologically Important Wildlands The Key Biodiversity Area Partnership involving 12 of the world’s leading conservation organizations, including Global Wildlife Conservation, today issued a roadmap for businesses operating in, or impacting, some of the most biologically significant places on the planet. The report, Guidelines on Business and KBAs: [...]

Save Amphibians, Join the #AmphibiousAF Family

The Amphibian Foundation, an Amphibian Survival Alliance Partner, needs your help to save amphibians! Established in 2016, the Atlanta-based nonprofit collaborates with partners in the fight against amphibian extinction. But we can’t do it alone. Join the fight through our new membership plan, and help us achieve our mission: We lead one-of-a-kind conservation research [...]

Study on frogs helps scientists understand disease outbreak and progression

The search for answers to protect Central American frogs from extinction is also giving scientists clues on how to predict and respond to emerging diseases and epidemics in humans, plants and other wildlife. In their paper published in the magazine Science, March 30, University of Nevada, Reno's Jamie Voyles and her colleagues document the recovery of [...]

Job Announcement: Partnership and Communications Coordinator for the Asian Species Action Partnership

The Asian Species Action Partnership (ASAP) - an Amphibian Survival Alliance Partner -  is an inter-institutional Partnership convened by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Species Survival Commission (SSC), which focuses attention on a region that, without more serious conservation intervention, will see the demise of much of its unique diversity. ASAP was established [...]

Amphibian Ark Seed Grant Program: Update

We are changing our seed grant program, and expanding it to include grants for additional types of amphibian conservation programs, and potentially for some multi-year grants. We are working on our new grants program now, and hope to announce the new-look grants, along with a call for applications, around the middle of June this [...]

Single frog seeks mate on Match to save his species

It has been more than 10 years since Romeo the Sehuencas water frog, the sole Sehuencas water frog known to exist, has found love, a problem that has huge implications for his species. This Valentine’s Day, Global Wildlife Conservation (an Amphibian Survival Alliance Partner), Match, the world’s largest relationship company, and the Bolivian Amphibian Initiative [...]

International field course: Ecology and conservation of high-Andean amphibians, Pampas Galeras Barbara D´Achille National Reserve, Peru, 1-6 August 2018

ORGANIZING INSTITUTIONS Catenazzi Lab Asociación Pro Fauna Silvestre – Ayacucho Reserva Nacional de Pampa Galeras Barbara D´ Achille del Servicio Nacional de Áreas Naturales Protegidas WHERE Pampas Galeras Barbara D’Achille National Reserve, Lucanas Province, Department of Ayacucho INSTRUCTORS Alessandro Catenazzi, PhD - Biology, Assistant Professor at the Department of Biological Sciences, Florida International University, Amphibian [...]