The Last Week Has Been Filled With Rewarding Sampling Excursions And Crazy Taxi Brousse Adventures!

Into the Canyons After attending the productive ACSAM2 meeting at Valbio in Ranomafana it was great to get back into the field. Keeping a bunch of herpetologists and conservationists cooped up in a room for three days makes them thirsty for the outdoors. After a quick venture into Vatoharanana in Ranomafana National Park the team, [...]

Adventures into uncharted territory

It is great to be back in Madagascar! On Nov 5 we departed Tana on our way to our first destination Pic d’Ivohibe . This special reserve is located south of Andringitra in the south east of Madagascar. This year there have only be three visitors to the reserve and the only herp trip there was [...]