Finding hope in unexpected places

Ambystoma californiense larva in the Bay Area, California. Photo: Mary Jade Farruggia. As a recent ecology undergraduate, with most of my formal ecology training in the classroom, feelings of despair sometimes surface when considering the reality of environmental degradation and the loss of invaluable species in incredible numbers. Formal lectures presented many perspectives of ecology and [...]

Power of the people: The role of citizen science in amphibian conservation

A public nature trail in frog habitat. Citizen science on amphibians can be done easily in areas where humans and amphibians coexist. Photo ©  US Fish and Wildlife Service. The divide between the scientific community and the public can be a difficult barrier to cross, in many respects. But does it have to be? There [...]

Focus on Amphibian Conservation Could Pioneer the Way to an Atrazine-Free United States

Northern Leopard Frog (Lithobates pipiens) suffering from deformities. © US Fish and Wildlife Service The twentieth century was an era full of scientific and engineering accomplishments, revealing unprecedented pathways of growth in many facets of life. Advancements in medicine, engineering, and science pushed boundaries and brought us to the forefront of our time. Despite these [...]

The Golden Toad: The Keystone Species of Amphibian Conservation

Male golden toads (Incilius periglenes) gather for breeding. Photo ©  NOAA . Today, we can observe with much optimism the existence of many conservation organizations dedicated to the survival of and research on amphibians, and the growing awareness of their vulnerabilities in the public sphere. Amphibians and their supporters have fought for years to reach this [...]