A Rare Sighting of the Amatola Toad (Vandijkophrynus amatolicus) Near Hogsback

In August 2010, as part of the ASG’s global Lost Frog Campaign, a team of six South African froggers headed for the Amathole Mountains to look for the Amatola toad (Vandijkophrynus amatolicus), which had last been seen 12 years previously. […]

A Tiny Lost Shrub Frog Species Found After 100 Years!

A group of scientists from the Faculty of Science, University of Peradeniya have rediscovered a tiny frog species that was thought to have been lost, for nearly hundred years. […]

New Top Ten Lost Frogs

Happy Leap Day! As we launch into this new phase of the Search for Lost Frogs we thought it made sense to replace the three “found” species from the top ten with new ones. Thanks to some very strong nominations from the ASG community, picking just three to feature was a very hard task. […]

The Search For Lost Frogs: Looking back and forward

Who would have predicted that a communications campaign devised to raise the profile of amphibians would resonate so much with the public? I certainly was not prepared for the wave of media interest that would follow as we developed a preliminary list of “lost” species. The original intent of the campaign was to deliver a message about the serious plight of amphibians in a slightly more lighthearted package, and to raise the profile of the ASG and amphibian conservation. Looking back at the first email I sent to the ASG community I outlined the purpose of the campaign “We hope that this campaign will raise quite a bit of media attention and raise awareness of the plight of amphibians and the opportunities for protecting those species that cling on.” That “quite a bit” turned out to be quite a lot! […]

The Search for Lost Frogs Next Steps

On August 9, 2010, the Amphibian Specialist Group and Conservation International, with support from Global Wildlife Conservation, announced the launch of the Search for Lost Frogs – an unprecedented global search for amphibian species not seen this century – some not seen in close to two centuries! ASG members were pivotal in compiling the preliminary list of 100 “lost” species. Over the proceeding months, thirty-three teams comprising 126 researchers were supported in 21 countries with one goal in mind: to find the lost amphibians. Teams battled landslides and severe rains in Mexico, scoured steamy jungles in the Ivory Coast and waded up rivers in Borneo in an unprecedented unified global search for “lost” species. […]

“Lost” Hula Painted Frog Rediscovered in Israel

This week, the Hula painted frog (Discoglossus nigriventer) — one of our “Ten Most Wanted Amphibians” during last year’s Search for Lost Frogs — was rediscovered in Israel. […]

Bornean Rainbow Toad

Rediscovery of one of the world’s top 10 most wanted “lost” frogs, Ansonia latidisca, the Bornean Rainbow Toad, on Gunung Penrissen, Western Sarawak, Borneo Ansonia latidisca, is an endangered species of tropical bufonid (Inger et al. 2004), currently known from two locations in the northwestern corner of Borneo. Prior to our discovery, this species was known from only three individuals. […]

Search for “Lost” Frogs yields important warnings and amazing rediscoveries

A glimmer of hope, but much cause for concern. Those are the reactions from teams of scientists from around the world that have returned from an unprecedented search for 100 species of “lost” amphibians — frogs, salamanders, and caecilians  that have not been seen in a decade or longer, and may now be extinct. The Search for Lost Frogs, launched in August by Conservation International (CI) and the IUCN Amphibian Specialist Group (ASG), with support from Global Wildlife Conservation (GWC), sought to document the survival status and whereabouts of threatened species of amphibians which they had hoped were holding on in a few remote places. […]

Rediscovering a Species … in a Rubbish Bin

After five months of expeditions in 21 countries, researchers participating in ASG’s Search for Lost Frogs have rediscovered 15 amphibian species not seen in more than a decade — and found three additional species that may be new to science. Here, ASG’s amphibian conservation officer Robin Moore recounts his experience unearthing a species lost for 30 years. […]

Hope for Haiti

One year ago, a powerful earthquake devastated Haiti,causing catastrophic loss of life and infrastructural collapse in the already poverty-stricken country. Today, the damage is still widespread — in Port-au-Prince, most streets still look like disaster zones, and the tent cities erected as temporary shelters remain home to 1 million people. […]