How did the newt cross the road?

Adult male great crested newt in migration in November found near the study tunnels. © Froglife. Researchers from Froglife (an Amphibian Survival Alliance Partner), The University of Hull and The Open University are discovering how endangered amphibians use man-made tunnels to cross roads. Their work, published in the open access journal PeerJ is the first [...]

Goodbye Mr Toad? Scientists chart a worrying drop in numbers of the UK’s most lovable amphibian

A new study led by Froglife, the UK’s foremost amphibian and reptile conservation charity, together with experts from Switzerland has shown how the efforts of ordinary members of the public are identifying big declines in our native amphibians. Every year thousands of volunteers in the UK, working as part of Froglife’s ‘Toads on Roads’ patrols, [...]