Boophis lutes – a little frog from Madagascar

The photo is a masterpiece by Guido Daniele. It is a tribute to the wonderful and threatened amphibian fauna of Madagascar through the technique of body-painting of which Guido is a renewed artist. Guidos’ handimals are known everywhere and represents interesting applications of art to nature conservation. Guido Daniele’s handimals are exposed in New York’s [...]

Video: Franco Andreone with ACSAM2 in Vatoharanana Ranomafana

Franco Andreone is Co-chair of the Amphibian Specialist Group Madagascar and President of the International Society for Study and Conservation of Amphibians. He was the organizer for the ACSAM2 meeting held in Ranomafana (Madagascar), 18-22 November 2014.

An oasis for the spadefoot toad in Italy

Host blog by Paolo Eusebio Bergò, Daniele Seglie, Giovanni Soldato. Photos © Paolo Eusebio Bergò Despite the many efforts for Spadefoot toad (Pelobates fuscus) conservation made in Italy since the 80s (that involved associations, public authority and private companies in national, regional and local projects) most of its populations are in constant decline and in serious [...]

News on the Pasubio salamander, a very localized amphibian from Eastern Prealps

Most specimens of Salamandra atra pasubiensis are mainly black with small, irregular yellow and brown patches especially on the head, the rump and the basal part of the legs. Photo © L. Bonato, August 2014. Unexpectedly discovered only 15 years ago at the southern edge of the Alps, Salamandra atra pasubiensis remains one of the less studied [...]

ACSAM2: An opportunity to eradicate an invasive species

The invasive Asian toad Duttaphrynus melanostictus has been found in Madagascar, around the town of Toamasina. During the ACSAM2 there will be room to discuss possible eradication projects. A correspondence from myself and ten colleagues highlight this in a correspondence published today in Nature. By Franco Andreone Duttaphrynus melanostictus photo © Devin Edmonds

Golden Alpine salamander (Salamandra atra aurorae): research and conservation – latest news

Golden Alpine salamander (Salamandra atra aurorae) © Franco Andreone In a small parcel of the Italian Alps there is a "black salamander" which is not black! Since its discovery in the 80s of last century this wonderful urodelele has been​ always treated as a jewel. Unluckily there are some threats, due to wood logging and habitat [...]

Bullfrog spreading in Italy: new insights from the field

Adult of Lithobates catesbeianus from province of Rome. © L. De Luca By Vincenzo Ferri and Raoul Manenti, Commissione Conservazione Societas Herpetologica Italica Exotic amphibians represent indeed a serious threat to biodiversity. In general they act as predators to the original fauna, or are competitors for resources, making other species disappear or, at least, severely decrease. More [...]