Saving Amphibians From Extinction: The Durrell Lecture 2016

Amphibians are the most threatened and overlooked vertebrate group in the world with over 40% of all known species believed to be threatened with extinction. They are vital to planet Earth – pivotal members of their natural communities, both as predators and prey, and hugely important in maintaining healthy forests and wetlands. A rescue operation, [...]

New Sahonagasy Action Plan 2016-2020: Putting conservation into action to protect the spectacular frogs of Madagascar

Madagascar is home to over 300 species of amphibian that are largely endemic to the island. This highly diverse and globally important assemblage of amphibians is under increasing pressure from a range of threats. In response, an international collaboration of organizations and individuals have come together to create a coordinated strategy to address these threats, [...]

The Durrell Index – ensuring there’s no ‘con’ in zoo conservation

Most modern zoos claim to play a crucial role in conservation, yet very few are able to measure or report the difference they make to threatened species. This week, world-renowned conservation charity and Amphibian Survival Alliance Partner Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust launched a series of pioneering online performance indicators, known as the ‘Durrell Index’, designed [...]

Amphibian Hero: Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust

Male Mountain chicken calling on a rock. Photo © Sarah-Louise Adams Amphibians the world over are facing probably the world’s most serious extinction crisis. What are your thoughts on the future prospects for amphibian conservation and preventing further extinctions? With threats such as habitat loss continuing at rapid rates and diseases such as chytridiomysosis and [...]

Coming together to protect Madagascar’s unique frogs

Madagascar is an amazing, globally important place, well known around the world for its unique flora and fauna, being a draw for naturalists, wildlife enthusiasts and conservationists. The frogs of Madagascar are no less unique than the countries more famous furry residents and are as much under threat. Durrell has been working in Madagascar for [...]