Now Available: “Photographing Frogs and Other Amphibians” Ebook

Download your free copy HERE, or read it in our online reader HERE. Amphibians are the most threatened vertebrate taxa on the planet. The latest figures from the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species show that there are nearly as many threatened species of amphibians as birds and mammals combined, and that the proportion of [...]

Hot off the press: Your copy of FrogLog 119 is waiting for you

Download a low resolution version of FrogLog here or the high resolution version here. TABLE OF CONTENTS 3 – Editorial NEWS FROM THE ASA & ASG 4 – Carrying on the Legacy of Amphibian Conservation Pioneer George Rabb 5 – George Rabb: Founder and “Spiritual” Leader of the Amphibian Conservation Movement 8 – ASG at the 2017 Latin American Congress of [...]

Andean Toad thought to be extinct, rediscovered in the Andes of Ecuador

Ecuadorian and British scientists have rediscovered one of the rarest amphibians of Ecuador, thought to have gone extinct more than three decades ago, the Carchi Andean Toad (Rhaebo colomai). The Carchi Andean Toad inhabits a small region in the border area between Ecuador and Colombia. The last time a specimen was observed in Ecuador was [...]

Carrying on the Legacy of Amphibian Conservation Pioneer George Rabb

The amphibian conservation community is deeply saddened by the loss one of its greatest and most supportive pioneers. Dr. George Rabb, with his focus on amphibians, stands equal in our conservation world among other ‘giants’ such as Jane Goodall and David Attenborough. George felt very honoured to have an amazing species of frog named after [...]

Remembering George B. Rabb (1930-2017)

Amphibian conservationist George Rabb (second from the right) with part of the ASA/ASG team. Dear friends, Heartbroken. This is how members of the global amphibian conservation community, including the Amphibian Survival Alliance (ASA) and IUCN SSC Amphibian Specialist Group (ASG), have been since  learning that our dear mentor and supporter George Rabb has died this past Thursday, [...]

ASG Reconstitution Update

Dear ASG members and members of the amphibian conservation community, We wish you a prosperous and productive 2017 and look forward to working with you on amphibian conservation over the course of this year and the current IUCN period (2017-2020). As you may know, IUCN Commissions are in the process of reconstituting themselves for the [...]

Participe do Diagnóstico de Ações de Conservação com Anfíbios no Brasil

O Grupo de Especialistas em Anfíbios do Brasil (ASG Brasil), em parceria com a Sociedade Brasileira de Herpetologia (SBH)  e o Centro Nacional de Pesquisa e Conservação de Répteis e Anfíbios (RAN - ICMBio), pretende expandir o conhecimento sobre os grupos de pesquisa que, de alguma forma, contribuem para a conservação de anfíbios em nosso [...]

New Sahonagasy Action Plan 2016-2020: Putting conservation into action to protect the spectacular frogs of Madagascar

Madagascar is home to over 300 species of amphibian that are largely endemic to the island. This highly diverse and globally important assemblage of amphibians is under increasing pressure from a range of threats. In response, an international collaboration of organizations and individuals have come together to create a coordinated strategy to address these threats, [...]

Amphibian Survival Alliance and partners lead strategic efforts to prevent spread of deadly salamander disease in North America

New publication outlines swift and coordinated action in the conservation community An emerging fungal pathogen that has caused recent die-offs of salamanders in Europe, faces a formidable foe in North America: the Amphibian Survival Alliance and its partners, who today published a paper outlining the conservation community’s proactive efforts to prevent the introduction and spread [...]

Amphibian Champion: Sally Wren

[vc_row][vc_column width="1/2"][text_output]Each month the Amphibian Survival Alliance shines the spotlight on individual accomplishments for amphibian conservation through our Amphibian Champions program. This month’s Amphibian Champion is Sally Wren, a Program Officer with the Amphibian Specialist Group who is also currently working towards a PhD at the University of Otago, researching methods for improving the conservation of [...]