Hooray!!!! FROG FRIDAY is here!!  And today we are featuring the Bufonidae famliy of toads. Bufonidae is the family of the true toads, members of the order Anura (frogs and toads). They are the only family of anurans in which all members are known as “toads.” The bufonids now comprise more than 35 genera, Bufo being the most widespread and well known.

In southern Africa there are 6 genera within the Bufonidae family:
Amietophrynus (Typical toads)
Poyntonophrynus (Pygmy toads)
Vandijkophrynus (Van Dijk’s toads)
Capensibufo (Mountain toadlets)
Schismaderma (Red toad)
Mertensophryne (Forest toads)

All the toads shown here in this photo are from the FrogMAP database (http://vmus.adu.org.za/) – top left to right: Guttural Toad (submitted by Jason Boyce), Western Leopard Toad (submitted by Michael McSweeney), Flat-backed Toad (submitted by John Wilkinson) and bottom left to right: Raucous Toad (submitted by Rene Navarro), Karoo Toad (submitted by Trevor Hardaker), and Red Toad (submitted by G. Diedericks).

Frog Fridays celebrate the amazing diversity of frogs and toads in the southern African region. Click here to learn more about the Animal Demography Unit.