Issue 14, April 2014, of the free online magazine Anima Mundi – Adventures in Wildlife Photography is now out and ready for downloading HERE (or simply online browsing, if you prefer).

Contents of this new photo-packed issue include an exclusive photo-report on the endangered, diminutive and truly enchanting Cyrano Chameleon of Madagascar, the second part of our extensive trip report on the fabled Western Ghats of India, a stunning visual tribute to the colorful universe of Coral gobies, a delightful Personal Portfolio from Indian photographer Sameeran Nath, a detailed photo report on the Selous Game Reserve of Tanzania by Scott Bennett and a fascinating essay of the unique and yet unexplained symbiotic relationship between a huge Giant Tarantula and a tiny microhylid frog by Italian journalists and photographers Emanuele Biggi and Francesco Tomasinelli.