A very good day to all our regular readers and followers – and a warm welcome to all our new subscribers!
As usual, we are chiming in to let you know that Issue 24, October 2016, of our free online magazine ANIMA MUNDI – Adventures in Wildlife Photography is now out and ready for downloading (or simple online browsing, if you prefer) at http://www.animamundimag.com

Contents of our latest, photo-filled issue include a fascinating scoop from the jungles of Assam about our unique encounter with the stunning (and very peculiarly named) Bird-poo Crab spider, an incredible example of camouflage/mimicry; an extensively illustrated report on our own amazing trip to Namibia’s living desert, a stunningly beautiful rocky and sandy wasteland (the Namib desert, you guessed it!) where a surprising variety of fascinating creatures can be found and admired; an extensive photographic tribute to the beauty and richness of India’s Keoladeo Ghana National Park, better known in birding circles worldwide as the legendary Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary; an equally extensive homage to the lethal beauty and sleek elegance of leopards – incredibly adaptable, successful predators and a great camera subject favorite of ours; and finally our contributor Don Silcock’s wonderful story about his diving and photographing experiences with the gigantic, majestic Humpback whales which migrate to the oceanic waters surrounding the Pacific island kingdom of Tonga.

Once more, let us remind you that this is our third issue since we joined forces with the young and formidable photographers and founders/directors of Tropical Herping, a company specializing in reptile and tropical wildlife photography trip worldwide – a strategic partnership which will generate a lot of wonderful news for all our readers worldwide…Discover the details in our current issue and stay tuned for more great news!

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