As usual, we are writing to let you know that Issue 22, April 2016, of our free online magazine ANIMA MUNDI – Adventures in Wildlife Photography is now out and ready for downloading (or simple online browsing, if you prefer) at

Contents of our latest, photo-filled issue include a spectacular scoop by our contributor Lucas Bustamante about his rare encounter in the Peruvian Amazon with a pair of majestic Harpy Eagles with their chick; our own extensively illustrated report on our expedition to the lonely, wind-swept, beautiful Nunavik tundra in Northern Canada; a great photographic tribute by Megh Roy Choudhury to the stunningly colorful Oriental Dwarf Kingfisher; an inspiring photo gallery with a selection of the images from the Global Arctic Awards of 2014; a great article about the protection and conservation of the endemic frogs of Mona Island, Puerto Rico, by Jennifer Stabile and Rafael Joglar; and a spectacularly illustrated, in-depth essay on shark diving in the Bahamas by Don Silcock. Plenty of eye candy and some good reading for you all!

And since you are at it, feel free to explore and enjoy all the new features of our upgraded website – videos, photo galleries, interviews, useful links and all the back issues of ANIMA MUNDI – Adventures in Wildlife Photography are waiting to be discovered, downloaded and enjoyed in comfort. Also, don’t miss our NEW feature – all ANIMA MUNDI published articles are now available in hi-res pdf format as single posts on our website for easier downloading and browsing!

Have a great trip!

By Andrea Ferrari,
ANIMA MUNDI – Adventures in Wildlife Photography

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