Issue 17, January 2015, of our free online magazine Anima Mundi – Adventures in Wildlife Photographyy is now out and ready for downloading (or simple online browsing, if you prefer) at

Contents of our latest issue include a feature on snake-mimic caterpillars and their defensive strategies (special thanks to lepidopterist Franziska Bauer ), the first part of our extensively illustrated trip report from the Tambopata Reserve in the Amazon of Peru (you’re going to love this Jeff Cremer ), a fine selection of the best images from the Global Arctic Awards of 2013, a documentation of the fieldwork done by Italian photographer Matteo Di Nicola on the vipers and adders of his own country, a spectacular photographic tribute to the underwater wonders of West Papua’s region of Raja Ampat and finally a short photo trip report from Sinharaja, Sri Lanka’s only relict rainforest.

Plenty of eye candy and lots to read for all, as you can see!


By Andrea Ferarri, Anima Mundi – Adventures in Wildlife Photography