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2011 SANBI Biodiversity Series 19

SANBI Biodiversity Series 19

Amphibians of the Taita Hills


G.J. Measey, P.K. Malonza and V. Muchai

SANBI: South African National Biodiversity Institute


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MEASEY, G.J., MALONZA, P.K. & MUCHAI, V. 2009. Amphibians ofthe Taita Hills / Amfibia wa milima ya Taita. SANBI Biodiversity Series 12. South African National Biodiversity Institute, Pretoria.

ISBN: 978-1-919976-49-5

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iv Foreword
v Explanatory notes
1 Biodiversity
4 Climate in Taita
8 Amphibians
8 Metamorphosis
8 Amplexus
10 Direct development
12 Xenopus borealis, northern clawed frog
16 Hemisus marmoratus, pig-nosed frog
20 Callulina dawida, Taita warty frog
24 Arthroleptis xenodactyloides, eastern dwarf squeaker
28 Amietophrynus gutturalis, guttural toad
32 Mertensophryne taitana, Taita dwarf toad
36 Leptopelis concolor, pale-coloured tree frog
38 Ptychadena mascareniensis, Mascarene ridged frog
42 Ptychadena anchietae, Anchieta’s ridged frog
46 Phrynobatrachus scheffleri, Schefler’s puddle frog
48 Amietia angolensis, Angola river frog
50 Hyperolius glandicolor, Peters reed frog
54 Kassina senegalensis, common bubbling kassina
56 Chiromantis petersii, Peter’s foam-nest tree frog
60 Boulengerula taitana, Taita Hills caecilian
64 Boulengerula niedeni, Sagalla caecilian
69 Further reading
70 Clubs and Societies
71 About the authors
74 Index