Dendrobates tinctorius azures © John Courteney-Smith MRSB Arcadia Products

Our next #AmphibianHero is a new Amphibian Survival Alliance partner whose vision is to “start a revolution in captive exotics care” via the exact re-creation of the wild needs of every species. Arcadia Products PLC wants to share their knowledge wherever possible and to create the worlds finest care systems.


Arcadia Reptile is a welfare focussed, “Ethical” high quality brand that has one common goal. That goal is to see the effective and successful replication of wild environments bought into captivity. We call this “Wild Re-Creation”.

We believe that “All of the secrets of great animal care are hidden in the wild animal”. As such we research these wild environments in detail and bring products to the market that enables every keeper to replicate these parameters and to provide for the core evolved needs of any species.

We are passionate about wild conservation and support many in situ projects that seek to not only save endangered species from the threats of extinction from disease, habitat loss and climate change but we also have a goal to see wild collection reduce and the effective breeding of species in captivity become common place.

We as a brand have a vast knowledge base and a dedicated staff keen to share with the world not only our goals but of course the relevant technical information around our products. It is in this that we expect to see our goal of Wild Re-Creation come to fruition.

We have been delighted to be welcomed into the Amphibian Alliance. We expect to learn much and to be able to share the information that we have with the other partners. We hope to increase the level of active support shown to Zoos and other conservation agencies and all in all to be able to make a real “difference” to Amphibian conservation both in and ex-situ.

This really does represent a turning point for conservation where the dedication of both in situ scientists can be crossed with the passion surrounding great captive care professionals so that any pecies under imminent threat can be saved for future generations.

By John Courteney-Smith MRSB, Arcadia Reptile Products Manager

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