Prompted by the alarming global decline of amphibian species, zoo associations, zoos and private participants in the German-speaking region engaged actively in the conservation of this highly endangered group of animal species. The amphibian conservation program consists of a suite of measures that include amphibian conservation and research projects, conservation breeding, capacity building, specialized staff training, habitat restoration and public awareness campaigns.

A special account “Amphibian Conservation Fund” was set up for financing amphibian conservation measures. Stiftung Artenschutz (Species Conservation Foundation) holds the Amphibian Conservation Fund in trust for the zoo associations, zoos and private participants in the German-speaking region, which decide on the allocation of funds.

The projects receiving funding are intended to result in conservation measures for endangered amphibian species or subspecies.

The projects funded by the Amphibian Conservation Fund should serve both, the objectives of in-situ conservation and conservation-related research. Funding may also include other conservation measures, if they are essential to the aforementioned aims, including public awareness.

Activities eligible for funding:

  • Direct conservation measures
  • Nature and Species conservation management
  • Monitoring and other control measures within the project’s context
  • Habitat protection measures
  • Scientific research with direct conservation relevance
  • Local capacity building, education components and public awareness activities in relation to the aforementioned activities

Costs eligible for funding:

All costs which are directly related to the implementation of the project (equipment, investment, personnel staff costs etc.) are eligible for funding.

Stiftung Artenschutz does not accept funding requests for:

  • Research project with no direct relevance to species conservation
  • Animal welfare measures for non-endangered species
  • Pure educational projects
  • Scholarships

Funding recipients:

Funding recipients may be legally registered non-profit organisations or non- profit promoter contributors, as well as public institution

Private persons are considered as recipients only in exception

Type, extent of funding and timeframe:

Funding is granted on the basis of a signed legal agreement between the applicant and Stiftung

Not expensed funds have to be returned to Stiftung

The requested funding amount should be approximately 4,000 €. The decision makers reserve the right to approve partial funding.

The funds need to be spend on the project within 18 months after receiving the funds from Stiftung


The application should not exceed five pages of text. Applications must include:

  • Project title and name of project coordinator/promoter
  • Contact details and addresses
  • Project objective
  • General framework and conditions, preliminary research
  • Planned activities and measures
  • Participating organizations/persons
  • Description of the expected results
  • Schedule
  • Cost and financial plan including information both, on own funding and applied/approved/obtained funding from other donors
  • Measures for public relations

Applications should be submitted per email only to the main office of Stiftung Artenschutz (

Applications should be submitted exclusively in English or German.

The deadline for submissions is 30th of April 2017.

Full details can be downloaded here.

Photo: Agalychnis (Hylomantis) lemur, Lemur Leaf frog © Brad Wilson