Many amphibian species at risk of extinction occur in countries with very low GDPs and focusing efforts on conserving amphibians can often seem like a low priority. However we understand that by protecting amphibians and securing their habitats that we can help protect the environments and the resources that some many people around the world depend upon for existence.

ACSAM2 represents an important and rare occasion to bring together people with a real passion for amphibian conservation in Madagascar. It will help both Malagasy researchers and foreign herpetologists build an effective approach that moves our current conservation efforts to new horizons, identifying new objectives and generating much needed investment.

ACSAM 2 will be a global effort to help protect these incredible species and we invite everyone to help support this effort. Thank You.

Franco Andreone
ASG Co-chair and project of ACSAM

Mantella aurantiaca ©  F.Andreone