The Amphibian Specialist Group (ASG) is a global network of volunteer amphibian scientists and other experts focused on providing the best possible science to inform amphibian conservation. The ASG has over 500 members distributed across 42 regions or countries covering over 7400 species of amphibians. Given the breadth of ASG’s reach, as well as the multiple and complex challenges faced by amphibians worldwide, priority-setting, coordination and communication of the group’s activities is of fundamental importance to increase synergies and efficiencies in our joint efforts towards amphibian conservation. To this end, the ASG Secretariat has developed a strategic plan for 2015-2016 (the end of the current IUCN period). Our ambition is that the ASG Strategic Plan may act as a road map to guide amphibian conservation science at the global level, as well as providing guidance for the development of regional groups. We also describe the various components of ASG, and how they fit and operate within the group. Most importantly, we fully recognize that for the strategic plan to work we need a committed and proactive membership. It is therefore important that ASG members are in agreement with and committed to this new approach, which would lead us to make significant progress towards our goals.

The strategic plan has now been made public and can be accessed HERE. We are in the process of approaching regional chairs regarding their willingness to actively promote the aims of the strategic plan as appropriate, as well as discussing development of their respective groups. We are hoping that groups may become more engaged and coordinated and, where there is opportunity, to also increase ASG’s membership with new, committed and proactive members. Once this process is finalized, we will be updating the ASG membership page accordingly.

If you are an ASG member, we invite you to read through the ASG Strategic Plan and consider how you can become involved in your region’s activities. If you are not an ASG member but are interested in becoming one, we would also encourage you to peruse the strategic plan and let us know if you are willing to become a proactive ASG member.

We look forward to working with the ASG working groups, regional chairs and membership at large in the months ahead to implement the ASG Strategic Plan, and increase efficiencies in our quest to provide the best science to conserve amphibians worldwide.

By Ariadne Angulo, Phil Bishop, Sally Wren, Leida dos Santos, Helen Meredith and Jos Kielgast
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