Deadline for nominations: December 28, 2015

The Sabin Award for Amphibian Conservation, established in 2007, recognizes significant contributions of individuals to amphibian conservation. The Award provides a unique opportunity to acknowledge and celebrate some of the truly pioneering work that is going on to understand and tackle the decline and extinction of amphibians worldwide, and to get a sense of the true passion and commitment of the individuals responsible for saving species.

Previous recipients of this award are:

  • 2007: Dr Luis Coloma, Ecuador
  • 2008: Dr SD Biju, India
  • 2009: Dr Franco Andreone and Dr Harilala Randria
  • 2011: Alonso Quevedo and Dr Jonh Jairo Mueses Cisneros , Colombia
  • 2012: Dr Karen Lips, USA
  • 2013: Dr Darrel Frost, USA
  • 2014: Carlos Vasquez, Guatemala

A common thread runs through the writing of each of the recipients; an undying passion for amphibians and an incredible drive to see these fragile creatures protected. We thank each of the recipients for their contributions, and Andrew Sabin and the Andrew Sabin Family Foundation for making this possible.

Thanks to a generous donation from the Andrew Sabin Family Foundation, the Amphibian Survival Alliance announces the 2015 award to recognize and individual or individuals who have made a significant contribution to promoting the conservation of globally threatened amphibians.

We are now accepting nominations for individuals from all disciplines relevant to amphibian conservation and research anywhere in the world. Please note that this is an award for an individual’s contributions to date, it is not a grant for ongoing research projects.

All candidates for the Sabin Award for Amphibian Conservation must be nominated.

Although we recognize the important role organizations play in conserving amphibians the SAAC is targeted specifically towards individuals (In rare situations the award may be split between multiple individuals).

We judge each nomination on its own merits; however the following may be of use when considering information to include regarding your nominee:

  • Nominees with a demonstrated contribution to amphibian conservation, either through the direct protection of amphibian species and their habitats, or through advances in research that can be directly applied to the protection of species and their habitats are of particular interest.
  • For candidates who are early in their careers we will look for considerable potential as a leader in the field of amphibian conservation.
  • Innovative approaches to amphibian conservation should be highlighted in any nomination.
  • In addition nominees from developing nations are highly encouraged.
Please ensure you apply in good time to meet the December 28, 2015 deadline.  Unfortunately due to the competitive nature of the award incomplete or late applications will not be considered.