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“There are a lot of people out there who, like me, really love amphibians and are deeply concerned by the current extinction crisis. ASA is a very timely and exciting push by some of the smartest people in amphibian conservation to unite global frog love and save these extraordinary creatures.” ~ Lucy Cooke, Zoologist/Filmmaker from National Geographic

How does your monthly gift benefit amphibians?

  • It provides a consistent and reliable source of funding. It allows us to plan ahead, strengthen our conservation work around the world and respond immediately to urgent amphibians conservation issues the moment they arise.
  • It’s environmentally friendly. Less paper is used in the processing of pre-authorized online gifts which helps save the trees and habitats that the survival of so many amphibians depend on.
  • It’s cost effective. Pre-authorized donations can be processed more efficiently than single gifts, which translates into maximum impact and even more money available for actual conservation work.

What are the advantages of monthly giving to you?

  • It’s convenient. You will receive a single, consolidated tax receipt for all of your donations from the previous year each February.
  • It’s easy. Just complete the form once and we’ll take care of the rest. Because your support is regular and ongoing, you never have to worry about keeping your donations up to date.
  • It’s flexible. You can increase, decrease, pause or stop your monthly gift at any time. You can also break down your support into small regular donations, whether it’s $10, $20, $40 or more a month – the choice is yours.
  • But best of all, the most important benefit that you will receive by giving monthly is the satisfaction of knowing that you are helping to secure a brighter future for amphibians around the world, every single day of the year.

Monthly donations though Frogs 4 Life help the Amphibian Survival Alliance tackle the issues and threats that matter the most to amphibians around the world.

Your automatic monthly donation makes you a partner in the Amphibian Survival Alliance’s important conservation work and the success stories of tomorrow. You will be helping to protect amphibians and their habitats every day of the year around the world.

Say YES to Frogs 4 Life today and you will also receive surprise, exclusive updates and visual media from us throughout the year.