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New Funds available from the DAPTF

U.S. Northern Cricket Frog Symposium

PRESS RELEASE: Sunburnt Frogs a Myth: Pond Scum offers Natural Sunscreen

Global Amphibian Assessment

Atelopus mucubajiensis Still Survives in the Andes of Venezuela. Preliminary Report

The Atelopus Initiative: Conserving Endangered Tropical Andean Amphibians

Book reviews

  • Mapping Amphibians

Froglog Shorts

  • Reports on DAPTF Seed Grants
  • Amphibian Conservation in Zoos
  • New Reports of Chytridiomycosis
  • Donations
  • New Chair of the DAPTF Monitoring Protocols Working Group
  • New Working Group Chair in Poland
  • Instructions for Authors

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