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Frog Rock

THURSDAY DECEMBER 13TH – SEA LOUNGE, NYC Come for the Party, Stay for the Cause! Presented by the Amphibian Survival Alliance and IUCN SSC Amphibian Specialist Group. The Bar-Top Bandits, the hottest nightlife production now on tour in the US, performs for their friends at the ASA for ‘Frog Rock: Conservation with a Kick!’ Complimentary admission all evening!

Featuring incredible musical performances from the hottest singing and dancing troupe today, watch the Bandits rock the house among the top conservation leaders from around the world!

*Performing live at 6 p.m. at Sea Lounge in the Meatpacking District, across from the Standard Hotel*

About the Event:

Amphibian conservation efforts have reached pivotal importance in the greater wildlife preservation consciousness, and that is why the ASA welcomes Global Wildlife Conservation and the Amphibian Specialist Group as partners for the evening’s event.

The Bandits will harmoniously usher in a new era for The ASA’s public outreach campaign, launching in 2013. Hear about the latest efforts in the global efforts to protect our environment from Madagascar to Ecuador and how you can help!

Hosted by ASA Affiliate Wim Shih and presented in association with The Set NYC.

Celebrate with the ASA and the Bar-Top Bandits at ‘Frog Rock: Conservation with a Kick!’

No Cover

Meet the Bandits! and visit our website


Amphibian Specialist Group:

Amphibian Survival Alliance

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