Founded: 2001

Head Office: London, UK

Geographic Area of Work: Manu Biosphere Reserve, Amazon, Peru


Social Media: Facebook


The Crees Foundation is an Associate Partner of the ASA.

Mission: The aim of the crees foundation is to create a sustainable future for the Amazon rainforest by providing sustainable solutions to the environmental, social and economic issues faced by the Amazon and its people. To achieve this crees has a dual approach: Conservation Research studying the biodiversity, ecosystems and socio-economic aspects of the rainforest, and Sustainable Community Initiatives working with local communities to build sustainable livelihoods. Through conservation research crees seeks to answer 2 key questions, how much could regenerating rainforest contribute to sustaining and conserving rainforest life in all its diversity? And what is needed to maximize the contribution of regenerating rainforest to sustainable futures for tropical forests both in the Amazon and globally?

Vision: We imagine a world that values biological and cultural diversity, and understands the vital role that the Amazon rainforest plays in the life support system of our planet.

The Crees Foundation is an active Alliance Partner working in the following areas:


Habitat conservation

Education programs on amphibians

Climate change issues relating to amphibians

Species conservation strategies

Amphibian surveys and monitoring

Education programs on amphibians

Recent Achievements:

Crees has found 7 frog species that are potentially new to science and has a total of 63 Amphibian species within its reserve. Crees has created an Amphibian guide, to be published in the near future, which includes photos of each species from multiple angles to aid identification and includes descriptions in both English and Spanish. Based on the current species list crees have 81% of amphibian species found in comparable primary forest in the region. In 2013, 5 new amphibian species to the reserve were found including hylinoscirtus cf. phyllognathus, a species that was thought to be locally extinct.