Founded: 2004

Head Office: Hradec Králové, the Czech Republic.

Geographic Area of Work: Global


NaturaServis s.r.o. is an Associate Partner of the ASA.

Mission/Vision: The principle of sustainable development represents our approach to both the nature and the work. We provide research and terrain management in nature conservation with special focus on animals living in critically endangered sites. Our services are useful for nature conservation authorities, municipalities, investors, mines and quarries, construction engineers and the like.

NaturaServis is an active Alliance Partner working in the following areas:

Threatened species (nationally/globally)

Habitat conservation

Education programs on amphibians

Sites containing threatened species

Captive breeding of amphibians

Reintroduction of amphibians or threatened species

Amphibian surveys and monitoring

Recent Achievements:

Permanent (service-free) barrier at highway D11 (close to Hradec Králové). We finished it in September 2013. Lenght: 470 m. This barrier blocks access of amphibians to highway.

We organized rescue capture and relocations of amphibians and water plants from a wood pond to our Herpetology station in Hradec Králové (the pond is now under reconstruction, during this time all amphibians and water plants are kept in Herpetoloy station, after reconstrution we will transfer them back to their original habitat).