Founded: 2010

Head Office: Tampa, Florida

Geographic Area of Work: USA


Social Media: FacebookTwitter

Conserve It Forward is an Associate Partner of the ASA.


To promote environmental education, awareness and action that benefits both the natural world and people, inspiring youth and communities to Conserve It Forward.


To raise awareness and inspire action that will benefit both the natural world and people, so that people can better connect, or re-connect with the environment. Conservation of amphibians, specifically frogs, is the our primary focus since the challenges they face, and the solutions that help them, represent our local and global environment.

“My goal is that everyone should feel interconnected with other living things and the environment, because then they want to help and not destroy it.” – Avalon

Conserve It Forward is an active Alliance Partner working in the following areas:


Threatened species

Habitat conservation

Education programs on amphibians

Infectious disease

Captive breeding of amphibians

Outreach campaigns for amphibians

Species conservation strategies

Amphibian surveys and monitoring

Recent Achievements:

Avalon leads Conserve It Forward in providing interactive amphibian conservation booths, presentations, programs, and Save the Frogs Day events.  We also provide supporting material to requesting groups when we are not able to be present.  Recent audiences have been nature preserves, kids camps, 4-H, and a church. Our Save the Frogs Day events were held in 2011, 2012 and 2013.