Founded: 2008

Head Office: UK

Geographic Area of Work: Global


Social Media: FacebookTwitter

CGO Ecology is a Full Partner of the ASA.

Vision:  To obtain the best deal possible for wildlife in a world under intense pressure from ‘sustainable development,’ and to do so with a strong social responsibility.

Mission: Ethical ecological consultancy offering honest pragmatic expert advice, mitigation, research, training, project management and other assistance to public, private and not-for-profit sectors. To achieve clients’ aims whilst conserving or enhancing wildlife and habitats that are subject to development pressures and other land use challenges. To donate at least 10% of profits (>$10,000 in 2014) and as much staff time as possible (>100 days in 2014) to biodiversity conservation projects and other worthy causes.

CGO Ecology is an active Alliance Partner working in the following areas:


Threatened species (nationally/globally)

Habitat conservation

Sites containing threatened species

Education programs on amphibians

Outreach campaigns for amphibians

Policy issues relating to amphibians

Reintroduction of amphibians or threatened species

Species conservation strategies

Amphibian surveys and monitoring

Capacity building