Alytes-Vol-31-cover_shadowALYTES | 2014 | VOLUME 31 | ISSUES 1-2

ISSN 0753-4973

Edited by Gonçalo M. Rosa and Ché Weldon

© ISSCA and authors 2014


S. R. Chandramouli, Ayuthavel Kalaimani
Description of the larvae of Günther’s toad Duttaphrynus hololius (Günther, 1876) (Anura: Bufonidae) with notes on development and oral ultra-structure
Research Article
Pages: 3-12
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Luis M. P. Ceríaco, David C. Blackburn, Mariana P. Marques, Francisco M. Calado
Catalogue of the amphibian and reptile type specimens of the Museu de História Natural da Universidade do Porto in Portugal, with some comments on problematic taxa
Research Article
Pages: 13-36
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Ricardo Rocha, Thaís Almeida, Adrià López-Baucells
Field observation of an adult Lesser treefrog Dendropsophus minutus (Anura: Hylidae) being consumed by a neotropical Lethocerus sp. (Hemiptera: Belostomatidae) nymph
Scientific Note
Pages:  37-39
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Roger Bour
Compléments et rectificatifs à la biographie de François Daudin
Biographical Note
Pages: 41-45
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