2014 | VOLUME 30 | ISSUES 1-4

Research Article

Monitoring of Salamandrina perspicillata (Savi, 1821) and Rana italica Dubois, 1987, twenty years later (Amphibia: Salamandridae, Ranidae)

Roberto Sindaco, Cristina Grieco/
green envelope sindaco@gmail.com

Pages: 27-32[

The status of the Italian endemics Salamandrina perspicillata and Rana italica at the northern edge of their ranges is ascertained comparing intensive surveys carried out by F. Barbieri in the nineties and repeated by the authors about twenty years later. Results show that the status of S. perspicillata is stable, while populations of Rana italica have increased in the past decades.

coverPublished: 31 January 2014