2014 | VOLUME 30 | ISSUES 1-4

Research Article

Notes on Nyctimystes (Anura: Hylidae), tree frogs of New Guinea, with descriptions of four new species

James I. Menzies

green envelope  james.menzies@adelaide.edu.aue

Pages: 42-68

Based on six common characters, 15 species of Nytimystes are segregated as the Nyctimystes cheesmanae group, but without implying monophyly. Four of them are herein described as new species. The diagnostic features of each new species are described and the male advertisement calls of six other species are compared. Other known populations are also described but are not allocated to any species, as the information about them is deficient. Some notes on previously described species are included.

coverPublished: 31 January 2014