2016 | VOLUME 33

Research Article

Nematodes of Leptopelis christyi and Leptopelis karissimbensis (Anura: Arthroleptidae), from the Democratic Republic of Congo

Stephen R. Goldberg green envelope, Charles R. Bursey, Eli Greenbaum

Pages: 21-24

Thirty-eight frogs (Arthroleptidae), Leptopelis christyi (n = 26) and Leptopelis karissimbensis (n = 12), from the Democratic Republic of Congo were examined for helminths. Three species of Nematoda were found in L. christyi (Aplectana macintoshii, A. chamaeleonis, Orneoascaris chrysanthemoides), while only one species of Nematoda, A. chamaeleonis was found in L. karissimbensis. Aplectana chamaeleonis in L. christyi showed the highest prevalence (38%), mean intensity of infection (2.6) and largest number (26) of individuals. All are new host records.

Published: 28 December 2016