2015 | VOLUME 32

Research Article

Natural History and distribution notes on the Sreeni’s golden frog (Indosylvirana sreeni) in the Southern Eastern Ghats, peninsular India

R. Ganeshgreen envelope, M. Arumugam

Pages: 59-65

We studied a range-restricted, recently described, little-known endemic ranid frog Indosylvirana sreeni from Southern Eastern Ghats, which forms a peripheral unit of its geographic range supporting satellite populations. We provide detailed notes on the morphology, call characteristics, distribution and a quantitative account on microhabitat associations of I. sreeni in the Southern Eastern Ghats. We record the presence of I. sreeni in three out of four hill ranges surveyed and present an updated distribution map for the species. Based on our field observations, we also report instances of roadkill mortalities and malformation (anophthalmia) in this species.

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Published: 23 November 2015