2014 | VOLUME 30 | ISSUES 1-4

Research Article

The status of the nomen Hyperolius guttatus Peters, 1875 (Amphibia: Anura) and allied nomina

Thierry Frétey, Alain Dubois, Annemarie Ohler

green envelope annemarie.ohler@mnhn.fr

Pages: 11-26

The nomenclatural status of the nomen Hyperolius guttatus Peters, 1875 was investigated. The specimens on which the original description was based were collected at Bootry in Ghana and in Cameroon, but their precise collection localities are unknown. We established the chronology of the successive taxonomic allocations of the specimens from Ghana and Cameroon. The study of old documents allowed to identify, without ambiguity, the type locality of Hyperolius guttatus in Cameroon as the vicinity of Douala. This also applies to several other species of anurans and snakes described in the same publication, which are listed in the Appendix. An analysis of the colour pattern and of morphometrical characters allowed us to compare the specimen of Hyperolius guttatus from Cameroon with the other species of Hyperolius living in the same region, and to ascertain the status of this nomen. Hyperolius guttatus is proposed as the nomen of a subspecies of Hyperolius concolor from Cameroon. The syntypes from Boutry (Ghana) are confirmed to be Hyperolius fusciventris burtonii. We redescribe the type specimens of Hyperolius guttatus Peter, 1875 and Hyperolius pulcher Ahl, 1931 to present evidence for the synonymy.

coverPublished: 31 January 2014